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I am an experienced counsellor, having supported many people of all ages to discover their individual solutions and therefore create the future they would prefer. I am very committed to working with Domestic and Family Violence, Trauma, Depression and Anxiety, and have many years of experience in these particular areas.  



I have many years experience working with young people aged 12-25 from a multitude of diverse backgrounds and situations. I am very committed to collaborative early intervention with this demographic and have supported many young people to make positive informed choices, fostering mental well-being and therefore building successful futures.



Initial consultations can be provided individually, which can assist me to better assess the situation. The next stage would invite both parties to attend together  supporting them to work out what is ultimately their best outcome. This would be my preferred practice framework, however, I can be flexible regarding peoples' choices.

My Approach

My approach to counselling is holistic, strengths-based and future- focused. I go with my clients and support them through their journey, to discover alternative outlooks and positive solutions, enabling them to create their chosen future and well-being. My skills include working with people who have experienced severe hardship, and therefore I work from a trauma-informed perspective. I help to separate the problem from the patient, so we can view it and unpack it from the outside.In this way, diagnostic terminology which could be seen as labeling, and therefore detrimental is avoided. My clients are always heard and validated, and never judged. My clinic welcomes people who are LGBTIQ. 

By appointment (phone, text or email)

Face to Face Counselling

Phone Counselling

Virtual Counselling

About Me

I was born in London and settled in Brisbane 10 years ago. I have worked as a Registered Nurse in many different fields for over 25 years and currently practice in Mental Health Nursing. I am frequently commended by patients, colleagues and relatives for my caring and supportive approach.

I have been counselling for over six years and gained a Master of Counselling in 2018 from QUT. I am also a member of The Australian Counselling Association. Obtaining the higher degree enhanced and fine-tuned my skills in a Social Constructionist future -focused approach to practicing as a counsellor.

Brisbane continues to be my home and I have two teenage daughters.

Getting Help

You  have already taken the initial step by looking at my website. Seeking help is not always easy, especially for the first time, and I am very aware of this. I provide a strictly confidential service and never judge my clients. When you come and see me, please remember it is your session, and I will be one hundred percent sensitive to, and supportive of your needs.

Thanks for contacting me.

You reminded me of Insoo Kim Berg (co-founder of Solution Focused Therapy), as you were gentle and persistent, with just the right balance.

G. G. 

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